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Glide, Puncher & Wattmann 2021  

Victorian Premier’s Award for Poetry 2020, shortlisted  
Wesley Michel Wright Prize 2019, highly commended

Uplands, Five Islands Press, Melbourne 2007

Ruby Camp: a Snowy River series, Spinifex Press 1998  

pearl & sea fed, Hazard Press, NZ 1994 
NSW Premier’s Literary Awards 1995, shortlisted

the luminous ocean, Friendly Street Poets 1988

Online works
Leafless-Leafs Overland #244 Spring 2021
Coupe Portraits Cordite Poetry Review chapbook May 2021
from Glide poems exhibition East Gippsland Art Gallery Sept 2019
Gibson’s Folly in Cordite 48 Nov 2014 
Guthega in Southerly vol 74 no 2, 2014 (Australian Dreams) in the Long Paddock
wild succession in Plumwood Mountain V1 No1 Feb 2014
Remnants in Cordite’s Gondwanaland issue e-chapbook ‘Proteaceae’ Dec 2013

Podocarpus berries in Overland issue 122 Spring 2013
Washout-Briar-Gulch, Southerly 73.1 The Political Imagination 2013
Grasses ABC RN Poetica Aug 2009
Holding Pattern Wildtimes No 36, 2009 & Island No 118, Spring 2009
Essay: the journey of the 
Snowy River Bass from the Snowy River estuary to the Monaro. Wildcare Tasmania Nature Writing Prize 2009, runner-up
Poems in anthologies
Best of Australian Poems Australian Poetry 2022 & 2021
Anthology of Australian Prose Poetry MUP 2020
Ashberry Mode, Tinfish Press US 2019
Contemporary Australian Poetry Puncher & Wattmann 2016


Author Photo: Lisa Roberts
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